Saturday, March 6, 2010


Please pray for Essie, one of my Richmond Pekingese foster moms who is in ICU right now in very critical condition. They don't know if she will live. She has spinal meningitis. PLEASE PRAY!
AFTERNOON UPDATE/SATURDAY: I just found out Essie is doing a little better. She is still on a breathing tube and heavily sedated Her temperature was 105!! But, now it is normal. She does NOT have the contagious type of spinal meningitis! Please keep praying!
Anna, after all she went through, became a healthy dog. She was good about all the things she had to go through. She was also very tolerant of all the pictures I took of her.
As she gained weight, she was even able to go without her sweater some times.
Anna had a new mission though. One of our foster homes in N.Va. needed her. One of their Pekes had died and their other dog wouldn't eat because he was grieving. Since I had done all I could medically for Anna, could I let her go to help this dog? I had to think about this! I'd had Anna over 3 months. We foster moms/dads get attached!
If I let her go, I could bring in another foster dog. So, Anna, in her pink sweater, rode in her car seat up to meet her new family.
"I'd rather ride in your lap." Anna had to stay in her car seat though. Bummer. :-)
When she arrived at her new foster home, she walked in and checked out every floor-- she went up, she went down, and acted like she had been there all along. Then, she walked over to Ty, the Peke there, and put her feet on his back as if to say, "I'm here!" She was there with a purpose, to help him. And she did. Ty began to eat the very next day!

Anna is still in our foster program, but for now, she's doing just fine! I LOVE YOU, ANNA!!!


lady jicky said...

I shall really pray hard for your friend Essie ! My thoughts go to her family and friends.

Ms Anna is one special peke ! I do hope she came with something pink :)
I think you should now call her Nurse Anna for she has that magic touch!

cby said...

What a little darling. How could Ty not eat with companionship as cute as that.

Karin said...

I will pray for Essie as well.
Anna is such a special little peke. She knew exactly what her purpose was.
What a precious picture of her in her carseat resting her head on her white paws.

Pekiegirl said...

Awww, that's so sweet! Anna is proving herself to be a worthy friend!

claudine hellmuth said...

praying for Essie!

I love Anna too! Paul just got a new job so soon we'll be able to adopt another rescue peke. hooray!!

Anonymous said...

My prayers go out to Essie and her family <3