Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Look at this sad face-- this sweet dog was taken to the shelter because "he bit my daughter." This dog wouldn't bite a flea-- well, maybe he would bite a flew, just not a child. If he did, I can't imagine what that child was doing to him!
I was able to get him after his "hold" time. He was so happy to get out. I was not going to crate him-- he had been in a crate for his "quarantine" so he was now free! He curled up on the blanket in the back seat.
He decided to try to come closer. I was able to get this picture as he crawled up toward the front of the car. He crawled under the shelf between the two front seats.
"Can I get a little closer, please?"
He made it up to the front. "Can I be up here with you?" Of course you can, you precious boy!
Chester is now in a home-- he didn't take long to adopt! I'm so glad we were able to help him.


Pekiegirl said...

What a sad face! His whole world was turned upside down! People are so cruel! Glad he got a good home!

lady jicky said...

That was the first thing that came into my mind Linda --- what did the kid do to him?
Some people can be so cruel .
Chester is a sweetie and I would pick him up in a snap!
So happy he has a home the dear boy :)

claudine hellmuth said...

who could resist that sweet boo-boo face! swoon!!!

Karin said...

Oh that sad little face says it all. I would definitely not have been able to resist Chester. So happy he is getting all the love he deserves now.