Thursday, March 11, 2010


I received a call from the local shelter-- the seventh in two weeks! Same shelter-- there was a run on Pekingese! Could I help AGAIN. I went and picked up Douggy (rhymes with Puggy). He was SO happy to leave the shelter, even if it meant traveling in the crate. Look at that smile!
He just looked around and was happy to be outside. We went to the vet first.
And that night, he was really tired. He got to sleep in the planpen in the bedroom. This is where new fosters usually sleep. And there's the pink bed again.
But, in the morning, he was on the ottoman, looking out the window, surveying the yard.
Then, he got on the kitchen chair-- no, Douggy, you don't eat there. Nice try.
I went to work on Pekingese stuff, and he got right under my chair-- are you sleeping, Douggy?
Yes, I think he is.
And he's sleeping here.
And here.
And here. Does this boy ever wake up??
YES, he does. And here's a video to prove it! Click here: YouTube - 100_5250.MOV He does wake up!!


lady jicky said...

Linda - that Douggy is one sweet boy. He would make someone a lovely pet for sure .
Mind you - I hope the person who does adopt Douggy does not look like "Hello Kitty"!!!!! LOL

* I tell you - I need to get one of those pink beds for ME- I am the worst sleeper in the world and when you see the pekes on them - hell, they are always asleep! LOL

Monica said...

Douggy is so precious!! He sleeps all over the place like our Trevor does. We'll have Phoebe and Leo running around ready for breakfast in the a.m. and there's Trev snoring away...we have to pet him to wake him. I hope he gets a fur-ever home really soon. We need to buy stock on these pink beds ;-)

claudine hellmuth said...

awww Douggy is SO CUTE! Loved the video too. I hope his breathing issues are all better too!

Karin said...

Douggy isn't letting you out of his sight, that's for sure:) He seems really well-behaved. Cute video too.