Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tiffany's Dogs/ Farewell to Buddy Boy

Click here: YouTube - Creation of the Pekingese Dog
I want to extend my sympathy to Pat, Glenna and Joyce on the loss of Buddy Boy. He was their last Pekingese and was adopted in 1999 from our rescue group. He was supposed to be 9-10 years old, but they think he must have been younger since they had him almost 11 years. They said he was a strong, independent little guy and that he fought hard to stay with them. He was a very brave boy. His main goal in life was to keep Glenna safe through all of her illnesses. He performed his job superbly and never faltered. He will remain in their hearts forever and we miss him terribly. Rest in Peace, Buddy Boy.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ We have a new foster home. I'm so excited!!! She has some cute dogs! This is Hershey-- she's a one year old mix, who LOVES to play and run and get the ball.

She also knows how to sit. I love that name-- I named one of my foster dogs Hershey.

And this is Foxy-- isn't she beautiful! She's a Pekingese mix-- more Pekingese than the "mix". :-) So sweet and she's thirteen years old. She doesn't act it.

She definitely has the Pekingese underbite.

She's posing here-- look at that grin.

And this is Spooky-- he's Foxy's brother, friend. He's a little timid, but he gave me kisses. :-)

He's got such a pretty coat-- and a bright look. You wouldn't know these two dogs are thirteen!

His eyes are bright and you can tell his owner loves them all.
I wanted a picture together of them-- and they complied. Now to find that foster dog for them!


lady jicky said...

Linda , all the dogs are wonderful but I have to say - Ms Foxy has the best big eyebrows!! Look at her face and you can see these two big eyebrows on her face!
Now , 13 is still a spring chicken for I had a peke for 17 years so I do hope this makes people think and adopt an older dog!
I wish to say to Buddy Boys family that I am thinking of them at this difficult time.

Karin said...

My heart goes out to Buddy's family. He sounded like such a sweet dog and the part about him trying to hold on really touched me.