Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pekes All Over

We have so many foster dogs in our group right now. Have you looked at our web site lately? www.potomacpekes.org Check it out! Merit is above in the laundry basket.
And this is precious Lilly. She's come so far and is a doll.
Anna, of course, is one of my favorites, since she was here so long.
Amelia is so good-natured and loves everyone.
Oscar -- look at those eyes. Isn't he beautiful.
Heather-- another pink bed--- is beautiful, with her long ear fringes.
And our newest is Tinkerbell. She's about 9, and her owner gave her up. It's the same story with many we have. I don't understand it. We have lots more-- check them out! Are you sure you couldn't have "just one more." If you are interested in adopting or helping any of our fosters, just send me an email or check out our web site.


Karin said...

Oh my goodness ~ what is going on? It can't be because they eat too much. My choice would be Oscar...but they are all touching my heart. If only I didn't have my hands full with my pack. One with anxiety attacks, one with heart trouble and the third with arthritis... They are keeping the vet in business, that's for sure:)

lady jicky said...

Oh Linda, you know I would love to have one but.......

I am sending huge adoption peke's vibes to all of them .
If I could pick one - honestly, I think I would find it so hard - Ms Mitzi is a special one to me - so - maybe her and yet there's .... and then there is ....

Pekiegirl said...

I wish I could have another! That little Heather would be mine!!