Monday, March 15, 2010

Pekes All Over

Do you have Pekes All Over? I do! LOTS of them here now-- since I have extra fosters. This Peke is Jax-- he's not for adoption. He has his home. He's hanging out in the car, intently checking things out. Don't worry, the car is not moving, he is safe. Here's a closer shot-- beautiful boy!
This is Lexis-- she our newest foster dog. She's a big girl-- over 21 pounds! I think this girl likes to eat. She could probably lose a little, but she's just "big boned." :-)
This is Stitch-- he was adopted. What a precious boy he is!
This pair is BooBoo and Rommi-- they need a new home, separate or together. BooBoo is the red one-- He loves to stretch out on his back across a lap and gives "hugs" by rubbing his face on ankles. He loves to play fetch and spends a lot of time just relaxing. Rommi has a favorite activity-- it is smiling and staring at you lovingly! Look at his teeth. He is good with other dogs and loves to sit with his owner. They would not be good with small children (which is the reason the owner is trying to find them a new GOOD home).
This is Shamisen-- look how pretty he can sit. One of mine does this, too. I know a lot of Pekes are able to sit up, but many just try and roll on over!
Remember LuLu Belle? I've done a lot of her pictures in my blog-- she passed away last year and is still greatly missed. But, she must be watching over her family and knew these two Chihuahuas needed help.
They are so cute. They live in California-- where it's warm all the time. No snow there! Their names are Candy Dot and Pickle-- don't you love it!
This boy is Cody-- he was rescued from a puppy mill, along with his friend Mr. Wendell. Mr. Wendell is a permanent part of the family, but Cody needs a home. He is a big boy at 21 pounds. He's has had eye surgery and has been neutered-- he's a wonderful Peke. If you're interested in more information, just let me know. He's not part of our group, but I like to help ALL Pekes who need homes.
Look at this picture-- can you see the puppy in it? He's in the middle! Benny is on the left and he lost his fight with cancer last May, but I wanted to share him, too. Sydney, the puppy, in a Cavalier/Cocker mix and his friend on the right is Nick. He was adopted from PVPC. Benny had a wonderful life with his family and was deeply loved.
I've sure most of you have Pekes all over, too!


Pekiegirl said...

Rommi looks like Shami! (I'm a Poet, and don't know it!)

lady jicky said...

What a lovely furry bunch of love this post is!
I wish all the pekes who need a home get one real soon!

RescuegirlinVA said...

That Rommi sure is cute. Reminds me of a mix of Lilly and Ferbs. You know I am a sucker for the underbites. What cutie pies they are.

Karin said...

Look at all those happy pekes smiling! How adorable!

Anonymous said...

I know Lulu and all those beloved pets that are now gone and dearly missed are keeping their little eyes out on all those that need forever homes. :)