Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Duchess-- She's Back!

Duchess is a little 13 pound Peke who came back to rescue. She was adopted, but she wasn't doing well there. They really loved her, but it just wasn't the right fit. That happens sometimes-- we do our best, but we occasionally find a dog needs a different home.
She's now in foster care at Jeanne's. Duchess needs a big yard to run in , and Jeanne has that! (Check my blogs from June of last year to see some of the yard she has at Jeanne's.)
She is posing for her picture here. She is so cute!
It was raining, but she still had to go outside to run some-- it made her ears crinkle. Most Pekes' ears have crimping in them. I remember someone asked me if I did that on my dog--" Of course, I said, Every morning-- NOT." I barely have time to get myself ready!
Duchess wants her own home-- with a big yard and someone to love her.
She's waiting!


Pekiegirl said...

Shami's ears do the same thing! People also ask me if I did that to his ears! Hopefully little Duchess will get that forever home she deserves!

lady jicky said...

Isn't she sweet!
I do hope duchess finds the right home so she can run around and show off her crinkled ears! LOL
Moi Moi has them too - especially after a bath!

Karin said...

As if pekes would stay still long enough to have their furry ears crimped:) Duchess is a sweetie!

Emily said...

Duchess looks so much like my Peke Drizzle:) I hope she finds a great home!
Oh, and the crimping, I can't tell you how many people ask if we permed their hair(???)