Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Mr. Winks (the puppy we took in) sent me an email. He wanted to know if he and his friends could make reservations to come to Camp Runamuck for a week and "run amuck." I'm sorry Mr. Winks, but the camp is closed.

Lafite, you are the cutest thing. (I've used this picture before and have just waited for an oppotunity to use it again. In fact, I've used all these before, but had to bring them up since Mr. Winks sent me the email.) And Lafite, even though you are cute, you just can't come right now. I'm going to sleep this week with my Pekes and my foster Pekes and no "Bits" around.

Lacy doesn't need to come to Camp Runamuck. She is just fine at home. I know she is taking some time to get used to having a puppy, but coming to Camp Runamuck won't help that. So, just stay home, have fun and we'll see if the camp will open for another session-- but don't hold your breath! When Chris told her "kids" that the camp was closed, here's what she wrote: "I told the kids Camp runamuck was closed for the season.
They all went boooooo!!" :-) But, then, they realized I was tired and they said they'd wait until next year. ...they can't wait... They do want to know if I'll will have a pool for them to play in. It's just a little wading pool, but you can use that!

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lady jicky said...

Oh that Mr Winks is so super cute!