Saturday, July 16, 2011


We received an email about a Peke in Williamsburg whose owners "couldn't keep her" anymore. She had been bought from China! We only had the above picture to go on, but it was enough for us.

She was adopted and lives in Richmond now and is the love of her mom's life! Her groomer took these stunning pictures. I think Chloe thinks she's a model, just like Desi in Roanoke (whose name used to be Chloe!).

Chloe poses like such a little lady.

And I'm sure she'll keep her bows in and not fool around with them. ;-)

She has short legs and is just as cute as she can be. Her owner thinks so and we all agree!
I am so glad she was saved and went to such a wonderful home! Give Chloe a hug for us!


lady jicky said...

Oooo, she is just so pretty and my Kenzo would love a chew on those cute bows! LOL

cby said...

Caleb wants to know if Chloe is on Facebook, so he can friend her. I think he's has a case of puppy love.

emilyp said...

She is so beautiful!

Fiona Ross said...

What a pretty little Peke! Those little legs are prosh...

Karin said...

She is absolutely beautiful!! She almost doesn't look real :)