Monday, July 11, 2011


This is Kelly. She was brought to a Maryland shelter as a stray. Someone said they would adopt her, but they didn't show up to do it. So, they asked us to take her.

They have a bolunteer groomer and they cleaned her up. Jim and Marian helped transport her to her temporary foster home (for a day) and then on Sunday, she went to her foster home in Annapolis. It's a new foster home and I'm so thankful for people who are willing to help us with transport and fostering.

Kelly rode in the car just fine and is a sweet girl. She's only about 4 years old. We'll know more about her once she settles in to her foster home and we have updates.

I can't wait to see how she blossoms when love and care. If you are interested in her, just email us!


lady jicky said...

This is one very pretty Pekie Girl Linda!!!

Lady GaGa is here in Australia and Moi Moi is a big fan ... she would love to take Kelly to the concert with her tonight!

emilyp said...

Very cute and how nice to have a new foster home:)