Friday, July 22, 2011


I received a call from a shelter near me. They had a little black Peke, only seven pounds, who had been there several weeks. Could we take her? I said I'd come get her. No other rescue would take her.

When I saw her, I thought, "Oh, no, I'm going to do it again." I saw she had a little mix in her, probably a Peke-Pom. But, if I didn't take her, she had no chance. She's only 1-2 years old we think. My vet saw her and thought she was very young.

I talked to Jeanne and Paige and they said, "SAVE HER!" So, I did and I brought her home. She can be a bit testy until she knows you-- but then she's a mush-ball. She's laying by my desk right now-- along with JoJo and Max. Kai Kai is close by and Scooter is in sight. (Where are Starlight and Cranberry??) :-)

I named this little girl Ellie. I have to come up with names between a shelter and the vet-- so that's what I came up with-- a suggestion of Caryn, another foster mom who is going to take her as her foster next week.

Ellie, you are all bluff! You were so good getting a bath.

And once she dried off, I started to put dishes away and make dinner and I turned around and Ellie was on the table!

How could something so small get on top of the table?

I took her down, and then she jumped on the chair. She must have springs on her legs!

I see you trying to hide, Ellie.

This little girl is adorable, and will make a wonderful pet and addition to her family.

Look at that smile--could YOU have left her at the shelter? I don't think so!


Pekiegirl said...

She's adorable!

lady jicky said...

This little lady is just so elegant Linda.
When I saw her I instantly thought she looks just like many of those lap dogs you see in the Old Masters Paintings !!!

Paige said...

Love the table top story!!

Rebecca said...

Such a beautiful girl! How could anyone not love her.

I fostered a peke pom mix once... she could jump from the floor to the table to the washing machine and back.I drew the line when she jumped to the top of the flat panel tv screen.

Karin said...

I think you're right, Linda ~ looks like pom in that adorable face :) Maybe she used to live with a cat and thinks it's ok to hang out on the tabletop! :)

Cris said...

Isn't she pretty!!! Reminds me of my sweet Dolly (Dolly was a Peke-Chi mix though) Can't believe she had to stay in the shelter for so long poor girl.

As for the table.....Perhaps she has some Min-Pin in her????? like a certain someone we know who constantly is getting into trouble named JAZZY! She used to get on our kitchen table as soon as we were done eating and it drove us crazy...I thought she was going to start thinking her name was "Trouble". NOw that the boys are older a friend was kind enough to give us her bar/pub height table and it has benches which the kids love but now it's too high and too hard for Jazzy to get up there.

Now that Camp Runamuck is closed for the season I think Zach and I should stop over for a quick visit, seeing all the Pekes together makes my heart smile!!! Especially Scooter bug he is a sweetheart. STAY COOL :-)

emilyp said...

She is gorgeous! Drizzle is able to jump onto tables..with chairs pushed in. She somehow manages to wiggle the chair out...I need to capture it with hidden cameras, lol.