Sunday, July 17, 2011


The Four Bits were at my house for nine days. Beach Bit went home each night, but the rest were there full time while their parents were on a mission trip. And I was busy. it was also a VERY busy rescue week for Jeanne and me, dealing with some critical issues and some new intakes.

Starlight wondered if all the Bits were still there. She tried to hide under a dog bed (which somehow was on another dog bed).

"Did they leave?" She did not like ALL the chaos. She was really good, but wasn't crazy about the tiny Bits pulling her hair. I had to rescue her.

Camp Runamuck was in its final days for the summer. I have a lot of energy, but kids take more. All you parents and grandparents know what i am talking about. And the noise level-- made me want to climb under the dog bed with Starlight and hide. I think the Bits would have found me though.

Drill Bit and his sisters had a lot of riding equipment out, where I also had a swing set with baby seats. With two babies for 9 days, I was using every resource I had. The dogs were all so good, I was amazed! I could tell some were in shell shock from the chaos and never ending activity, but they were so good.

Three of the Bits joined me on the porch for a swing.

One day, Lil Bit had a tummy ache and the other Bits had an apple and sat on the coffee table to watch the Sprout station. Do you know that station? I never heard of it before, but I'm familiar with it now!

Kai Kai went to a quiet spot-- until the Indie 500 began with a scooter, tricycle and riding car for Drill Bit. Then, he got out of the way!

Jonah, who was neutered and had eye surgery, was so good with the Bits, letting them pet him. Once he heals, he is going to feel so good.

I also got Louie-- the blind Peke I posted the other day. When he arrived at myhouse (thank you Colleen and Tiffany for helping with transport-- I got him to Richmond today to Jeanne's and then Paige picked him up there to foster-- thank you Paige!!). This little Peke's eye are horrible. There is absolutely no vision, and he has to be in pain, but his little spirit is full of joy. Louie, we are going to take a car ride!

Are you ready Sarah Blossom? She's tiny, not even 7 pounds, but she needs to gain weight.

I think she is telling Louie that she will let him know all the things she is seeing. She can be his seeing eye Peke on the trip.

At the end of Saturday, Louie and Sarah Blossom were at Paige's and are meeting her gang. The Bits are all home, my house is destroyed, but that's okay. I can work on that next week-- I'll just have Pekes and no kids next week. What will I do? I'm sure I'll figure it out-- but for now, Camp Runamuck is closed for the season!!


emilyp said...

It will be nice for you and the Pekes to have some quiet, lol.

lady jicky said...

I am exhausted!

Karin said...

Your descriptions are hilarious!