Saturday, July 9, 2011


I want you to meet Abigail and McGhee. They both lived together in a home. They were in the yard a lot-- probably most of the time. They had no medical care, no baths, no brushing.... You get it, they were just uncased for.

Toni, one of our foster moms near me, helped get these two to safety- and I want to thank her grandddaughter, Tabitha, who was instrumental in saving these two! Toni decided that she would keep Abigail-- who is only seven pounds and totally full of herself and playful. She is so cute! (They came for a visit this week.)

Look how adorable she is--

Tabitha was holding McGhee-- like Abigail, he was extremely matted. Both had to be completely shaved.

His skin has some issues from being so filthy for so long, but he will heal. He also has an ear infection, but we can take care of that also. McGhee was born in March of 2008, so he is only 3 1/2 years old. He weighs 14.9 pounds. He's twice Abigail's size, but just as sweet.

He wants to check everything out- he is VERY sweet and playful, loves kids and dogs. He needs to be neutered. He's had all his shots now, and antibiotics. My vet (Acredale Animal Hospital in Virginia Beach) has an incredible groomer and they did a wonderful job on him. They have fit in so many of my foster dogs and I'm so grateful.

McGee is going to his foster home this week-end. He is ready for fun, and love, and care. Life has turned a corner for him and he is so happy! Look for more information on him on our web site:


Toni Davis said...

McGhee is absolutely the sweetest! He feels so much better than he did 3 days ago. I am so glad he is going to a great foster home (I can't keep him because I have my limit, or more) He was raised around kids and really enjoys them which is strange for a peke, I suppose. I appreciate my granddaughter looking out for these two. Way to go Ms. Tabitha:)

lady jicky said...

They are both so beautiful and , oh boy - with what their backgrounds sounded like I shudder to think of what their coats must have been like!
Your grooming people did a excellent job on both of them!!!!!

Doris Sturm said...

What adorable little creatures! Glad you found them and rescued them!

emilyp said...

Yay for Tabitha getting them to safety and Toni for helping out!! McGee is probably so happy to have that uncomfy hair off of him! They are both adorable:)
p.s. one of my pekes absolutely adores children, ironically he isn't around any at all, lol.