Saturday, July 30, 2011


You know my house has dogs and kids-- grandkids. I love it! Life is full and busy. Some dog things are used for kids and some kid things are used for dogs. It works.

Kai Kai is vegging and thinking about what kid thing he can use. Just wait, Kai Kai!

I have playpens-- four of them in fact. And I use every one of them! One is downstairs for Beach Bit who in the playpen, Drill Bit is outside the playpen and Starlight is observing. (The other two are upstairs for babies who need naps.)

They are also good to use for recovering Pekes-- this is Sarah Blossom, who was at my house for awhile. I have a playpen in the living room for dogs. If a Peke is in it, then I move it to my study (the playpen has wheels) so they can see me when I'm working at the computer (which is hours a day!).

I have babygates to keep dogs in, kids out... But, Scooter has figured this one out-- he's escaping!

Starlight gets in the doggy playpen at night. She loves it! She won't sleep in our room like the rest of the gang. We've tried, but she likes her playpen.

I have crates at my house to use in transporting. I don't use them to crate dogs -- many of the dogs we get have been crated extensively and I just won't do it. They can sleep in playpens. But, sometimes, they like to climb into a crate to have a hidey-hole. This one was on the deck for cleaning and Drill Bit put his truck in it. It's now a garage.

And now, it's a baby playhouse. Like I said, dog things become kid things.....

We have swing sets.... but the dogs haven't used this yet.

Beach Bit is just fine with that.

And I have strollers-- single strollers and double strollers. They sure come in handy. But, I really didn't think a stroller would cross the line and become a dog thing.

Until I went to the vet last week. Kai Kai had to go see the vet and the baby was going to come to me at the vet since I had an early appointment. (His mom was going to work and just brought him to me at the vet.) So, I took the stroller in with me.

And I put Kai in it. He is thrilled, can you tell. One of my friends (I'm friends with everyone in the vet-- I'm there so much!) said, "I didn't know the baby arrived." And I turned the stroller around, and showed him Kai. He put his face on the counter and cracked up. I do what I can to keep them entertained.

Yes, Kai, the baby is coming and you can get out of the stroller. But, really, you look very cute in it!


lady jicky said...

Linda, after reading all that I come to one conclusion - your house is a jail! LOL

Thuyanh said...

Too cute!

My Princess has a stroller of her very own! I bought it for her years ago for maneuvering large crowds. She's not people friendly and folks just love to walk right up to her, especially little kids. Plus, she's so small, I'm afraid she'll get stepped on. She loves it on those lazy days! It's pink too!

emilyp said...

I keep wanting to get a stroller so Newman can go on longer walks!

Linda said...

Emily, check out consignment stores for babies. We have a great one here in Virginia Beach. They only take good/almost new things. That's where I got my double stroller.