Sunday, July 31, 2011


Gracie Lu's mom, Jane, bought this really nice car seat for Gracie so she can see outside when they are driving. But..... Gracie saw another seat and she wants one of those, too. So, she sent this message to Jeanne to post on our facebook page, but I had to also share it with my blog readers. ;-), If you're not a "friend" of our facebook, just go to Potomac Valley Pekingese Rescue and ask to be a friend. :-)

Dear Jeanne
Hi it's me Gracie Lu and I wanted to show you this new chair. I don't know why they put a Pug in it when a Peke would have been prettier. I want one and I bet your Pekes would too. My Mom don't know where to find one so I am asking you cause you know all about finding things especially Pekes. So I know you will know about Peke chairs. Please put this picture on FB like you do peke pictures. Maybe then we can find some. Aren't they cute? I look at your FB every day and get so excited when a little one like Louie finds a Mom to rescue. Thanks Jeanne you sure are nice. Love Gracie Lu
(We need to look into where we can get these. Gracie Lu wants one so she cane watch TV.)


lady jicky said...

Gracie Lu ........ be a good girl and maybe Santa will bring you that chair! :)

Karin said...


emilyp said...

HAHAHA, too funny! I do like her pink car seat, very fancy!