Sunday, March 20, 2011


Jon, one of our club members, just sent me this link:
Click here: Japan: Imminent danger There are some animal rescue links if you want to donate. Here's another link/article that came to me: Click here: When Disaster Strikes, Noah's Wish Saves Animals - Paw Nation
I saw this on craigslist and couldn't resist posting it. In rescue, we get many stories about why people "have to" give up their dogs. Some are definitely legitimate, but so many are not. Here's what the posting said:
"For all those people who “can't keep their dog” because they are getting a divorce, pregnant, moving to a place that "doesn't allow pets", and are going to "have" to take their pet to a pound because the kids no longer play with it, no time for it, etc.... This woman has been through a 9.0 earthquake, a killer tsunami, a nuclear power plant that is emitting radiation, has nowhere to live, is hungry and cold... and she STILL HAS HER DOG!!! "
If any of you find legitimate sites for helping the people or animals in Japan, please send them to me. Many sites have come up that are scams, and we'd like to legitimate ones for those who would like to donate.
Click here: Japanese tsunami: Video shows dog protected by friend surviving Mail Online


emilyp said...

Yup, there are a few of these floating around on FB with different people and their dogs. Such a awful tragedy.

Jon said...

Best Friends has some links in a news release at animals in Japan - general&mid=149698331&ml=15966638

Karin said...

I totally agree, Linda. If someone surviving a natural disaster of this magnitude can keep their pet with them, then people who are so quick to dispose of them on Craigslist have NO EXCUSES! I have no clue how to determine the scams from the legitimate sites ~ be careful!

lady jicky said...

You have to really love that woman and I hope , who ever she is - her and her doggies live's turn around for the better real soon!
This I hope and pray for her.