Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Do you remember Colby and his brother Carter when they came into rescue.
They were in critical shape, and Jeanne kept them at her house to take care of them. (And she kept Carter!)
Colby was adopted by Tracey's family and has turned into a beautiful Pekingese! Colby's human brother is cleaning the mirror. Did he just put it up? Or has it been there a long time--it doesn't matter. Colby is excited!
I mean, can you find a more handsome boy!?
Colby doesn't think so.
He is just mesmerized with his handsome self.
Is that someone taking pictures behind me? That's okay, as long as it doesn't interfere with me gazing at my beautiful face.
Okay, I'll get down-- but the mirror is here to stay so I can come in anytime and look at myself. I've come a long way from that tiny puppy who came into rescue! Don't you think so?


lady jicky said...

Who's a pretty boy then?

Yep, Colby!!!!

Tracey said...

lol... I love Colby! He is the funniest, rottenest, spoiledest, Peke around and I'm proud to call him MINE! :-) He is full of energy, love, kisses, and funny moments! Thank you Jeanne for raising him and sharing him with me! Thank you Linda, Jeanne, and Peke rescue for saving him!!! Because now he is a Bowry Peke! And he brings us joy! I just wish I could bottle some of his energy!

emilyp said...

I love these pictures:)