Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Starlight has been in her playpen for almost 2 weeks for her back injury. That's what the specialist said to do. Does that mean she's about to get out? Not necessarily. She injuried her back somehow (who knows!?) and couldn't use her back legs. Now, she is wobbling around a bit when I take her outside-- her only times of freedom.
She is really bored with this playpen stuff. She hides out under the pillow....
She turns the pillow over to see what is underneath.
She pouts.
And plasters her little face against the bars. She thinks she's in prison and she's beginning to be vocal about it. LET ME OUT!
The playpen is in my study, so if I'm in the kitchen, she can use the portable playpen-- also known as a laundry basket. It means she can keep me company when I'm in the kitchen, or the family room and she can still see what is going on. It's not the best, but better than being alone.
Pretty soon, we hope Starlight will be able to play with Beach Bit again, run around the house. Stairs are off limits indefinitely. I carry her in and out since we have five steps off the deck leading to the yard.

I'm going to do more research on back injuries. Pekes have long backs-- some as long as a Dachshund. Hard to believe!

Here is a link for more information on back injuries. If your dog has a back injury in the future, surgery is not always required. But, rest will be required whether they have surgery or not. They won't understand, and they won't thank you, but we will know we're doing the best we can for them. Click here: Dodgerslist Home Page


lady jicky said...

I do hope Starlight gets out of her jail real soon.
Peke's can have long backs - my old Lulu did , Kenzo has a really long back and so does Moi for her size .
I never let any of my dogs over the years jump up on the couch or a bed etc because of this.
I know - no fun zone . LOL

Tracey said...

Linda, Starlight won't thank you but her back will! You are such a good Mom to do what is right even when it is so hard! Mine fly on and off the sofa and bed. I guess I need to work on that. I don't want back injuries! Keeping Starlight in my prayers. Hoping she continues to heal so she can be back to playing with her baby!

Nicky said...

aw, starlight! hope your back feels better really soon! you have been on our minds. nicky and kim

emilyp said...

:( those pictures of her pouting are heart breaking! Poor Starlight. Newman hated being confined to the xpen when he had hurt his back. Pekes like to play!!

Karin said...

You are such a good peke-mom not to cave in to Starlight's pitiful expressions!