Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This little beauty is Drizzle. She was outside with her best friend Peke Newman/Newmie. There is a pond outside and somehow Drizzle fell into the pond-- but Newman immediately began screaming and dizzing at the sides to try and help her. Newman's loud screaming alerted the owners who raced outside and grabbed her. Newman was also digging at the sides of the pond to get to Drizzle, who was trying to hang on to the side of the pond.
Her owners think Drizzle tried to walk on this several times since there was ice on it. They wonder how many times she tried it before going through the ice. She had fallen through the ice sheet and her owners were terrified of hypothermia.
Drizzle was soaking wet and cold, but her owners began to warm her up with blankets. Newman would not leave her side. He kept sniffing her to make sure she was okay. By the end of the day, they were both playing with squeaky toys and jumping on each other.
Newman is my Peke hero today!!! Without his help, Drizzle would not have made it. Her owners want to tell everyone to be very careful if you have water features in your yard. Cover them, fence around them. Drizzle and Newman's owners now have a fence around the water area.
And both Pekes are safe and snuggling together thanks to Newman's heroic act of alerting his owners. I'm so glad he was there!


lady jicky said...

What a clever Peke Newman is!!

He is a "super peke"!!!

Tracey said...

Way to go Newman!!!! Thank you God that Drizzle is doing okay! I bet Newman got a special treat that night. It is amazing what mischief our little furries can get into. And, the dangers that lurk in the world for them that we don't give a second glance to. So glad both Peke's are doing well and safe. Newman definitely is a hero!

Nicky said...

Good job, Newman!!! Glad you are safe and sound Drizzle! and Congrats to Adam and Emily for being such responsibly parents. When they saw the danger, they took immediate action.

Cate Bach said...

Yay! I love this story. What a great Peke family you have!!!

emilyp said...

Thanks everyone and thank you Linda for the blog:) I don't think I truly realized how bonded Newmie and Drizzle were until that day. He definitely was a Super Peke that day, lol!

Karin said...

Newman is a hero! Drizzle and Newman must have been terrified!
My male Eclectus parrot, Scooby, always screams and squawks whenever his mate, Sadie, has a seizure or falls. Some people claim animals do not have emotions, but we all know better, don't we?