Friday, March 4, 2011

Cocoa and Maximus

We just picked this Peke up today from a shelter-- he's young (maybe a year). We are taking name suggestions for him-- send them on!!

+++++++++++++++++ I love this video. We were a military family until my husband retired. So, reunions were always a BIG DEAL!!! This video is of a dog seeing his daddy for the first time after he had been gone a long time. I love it!
Maximus came into rescue last year-- he came in with Cocoa, a Cocker Spaniel. We sometimes have "Pekes for a Day" (like Charlie the Pug), and Cocoa was a Peke for a day. We had someone who wanted her and we were thrilled.
Maximus did fine without Cocoa-- they were both just so excited to be safe and taken care of. (My granddaughter Bitty Bit helps to walk our dogs when we visit the farm.)
I received an update on Cocoa. He is doing SO well in his home. He is loved as he was never loved before. He had never been cared for well, but he sure is now. I'm so glad Cocoa was a Peke for a Day!!


Pekiegirl said...

He looks like an Opie to me!

lady jicky said...

How lovely Linda - both are safe and happy like all dogs should be .

I would like to suggest a name for your new peke from the shelter -

:) he, he, he

cby said...

The newbie looks like a "Parker" to me. What a debonair little cutie he is.

Thanks for sharing the video, today! I'll have a smile all day long. Such joy!

emilyp said...

Beautiful dogs in the blog:)

I love seeing all the suggested names for the new Peke!