Saturday, March 5, 2011


I know-- this is Santa Claus. Can you tell I "lost" this email in my list of emails? But, I wanted to put it on anyway. I apologize to people when I don't get a blog on in a timely manner-- somehow my brain doesn't always stay on track. (I know none of you have this problem.)
Coco was all ready for the holidays with her red bows. She does so well at the groomers, her mom said. I could have skipped the Santa picture and you would think it was a Valentine picture-- she is cute either way!
She has a lot of toys, and I can see her harness peeking through her hair. Harnesses are very important for Pekingese-- don't want to put any pressure on the neck when walking them.
We see you, Miss Coco, you look so pretty. We had so many applications for you when you came into rescue-- they just couldn't resist your sweet face.
I guess you don't care how many people wanted you. You are perfect and happy just where you are now. We had named you Penny Anne, in memory of your foster mom's Aussie Terrier. When you were adopted, your new mom named you Coco-- it seems to fit you just right.
You are so content in your new home.
I can see you are right at home there.


lady jicky said...

Ms Coco is really sweet in her red bows!!!

Nicky said...

What a beautiful little girl! I love the bows!!! So happy she has her forever home!

emilyp said...

I love the bows in her hair!!