Saturday, March 12, 2011

MEI LI/ Spring Forward

This is our newest foster girl, Mei Li. Her name means "beautiful little sister." She had been through three owners at least. They couldn't afford to take care of her. I don't understand why people get a dog and think it will cost them nothing. But, she is safe now in a foster home with Beth and David. They say she is almost 6 (June) and SO SWEET. She is a big girl at 18 pounds.
Mei Li has a thick, deep red coat and has little white sock. She is very polite and waits her turn for the water bowl with her sisters and brother Pekes. She loves belly rubs and can jump baby gates in a single bound. She kept nudging her foster moms hand to get attention. (And she had just been there a few hours--and she is already that comfortable!) Mei Li ia a happy good natured girl, she smiles a lot. If you are interested in her, please email
Here is a wonderful story that will make you smile:
Click here: Guide dog aids blind owner AND former leading labrador after he loses sight Mail Online

Here is a site called United Animal Nations-- to help animals who are in crises situations.


lady jicky said...

I think Mei Li is lovely and I hope she gets a great home real soon - after all she has gone through - she deserves it!!!!

Nicky said...

mei li - you sound just delightful! it is amazing how adaptable our little furry friends are! i am sure you will have your forever home very soon!!

emilyp said...

Mei Li sounds like a delightful little girl who deserves a fantastic furever home:) GL sweetie!!

Karin said...

Mei Li is just a sweet little soul. I would love to see her clear that gate! I've already fallen in love with this one ~ if only I could take care of one more...