Monday, February 28, 2011


Suet-Suet's dad just emailed me and let me know that each time Suet-Suet got weaker, he always seemed to bounce back. This time he didn't. They sent him on with his favorite moose and stringe chew-toy. He said he has no regrets-- and the saying fits, "I knew love, I knew this dog." We're so glad Suet-Suet knew you and was loved by you.
It is with tremendous sadness that I have to tell you that Suet-Suet passed away this morning.
Just yesterday, his owners had been able to take him on a little walk, but he collapsed after about five minutes. After resting a bit, he was up and wanted to run, which he wasn't allowed to do-- he still had the heart of a young Peke.
This picture was from his trip to Virginia Beach last fall. I wish I could have met him in person! (I was at the farm, my daughter's home near Charlottesville.)
Yesterday, Suet-Suet was able to also spend some time in the back yard. He was able to see some of the neighborhood and have new smells. (This picture is from his trip last fall.)

This morning, Suet-Suet woke up as usual and was able to go outside. He collapsed and his mommy and daddy did all they could, but he faded away. He fought to the end, but then relaxed, knowing he was loved and had a wonderful lifetime of memories. He is now waiting at the rainbow bridge for his family. He will be missed so deeply. REST IN PEACE, SWEET SWEET SUET-SUET.


emilyp said...

This brought tears to my eyes. Many hugs to Suet-suet's parents.

Mary Elizabeth said...

So, so sorry for Suet-Suet's passing... I've loved reading about his adventures. I know his family will miss him dearly.

Fiona Ross said...

Very sorry to hear of Suet-suet's passing and condolences to his family.

lady jicky said...

I am so sad to hear of Suet - Suet's passing.

I send my love to his family.

Paladin2010 said...

We appreciate all of the kind words and tears that have been shed over Suet-Suet's passing. Suet-Suet was a happy dog and would not want tears. He would want a good ear scratch, a piece of pork in his dinner bowl, and to be able to sit with us while we spent the evening together. He was and IS a good dog.

Tracey said...

So very sorry to hear about Suet-Suet's passing. It sounds like he was loved so dearly and brought much love to his family.

Nicky said...

So sorry to read of Suet-Suet's passing. What a beautiful little Peke. He sounds absolutely adorable. You brought him many years of love and joy, and he to you. My deepest condolences to Suet-Suet's parents.