Monday, February 21, 2011


Happy Birthday Suet-Suet!!! You are sixteen years old today and we hope you have a wonderful day!! Here's what his dad wrote me about the plans for his birthday! "His celebration will start Sunday night. We have not been letting him upstairs for the past few weeks as he gets too excited in the morning, but Sunday night once he has had his night time med, we will move his bed back up to our bedroom and bring him up.On his birthday, around 11am, by then all his meds will fully be up, we will let him out in the backyard and then open the side gate and take him for a walk....something he has wanted to do for months but just could not do due to winter. It may not be a long walk, and we are very concerned about him getting too excited and will have our small tank with him, but if he dies was doing something he wanted to do...but we are optimists.Later, for dinner we will make his favorite chinese soup-which has big chunks of pork in it, and give him a bowl of....pork!!!!!Finally, assuming all else has gone well, we will let him back upstairs so he can have a good sleep."
Suet-Suet is still wagging his tail and looking for treats. Day by day he is weaker in body but not spirit. His mom and dad tend to carry him out for his first trip out in the morning as his meds are lowest then, but after that he does his "big doggie" routine and trots out and back by himself. His Dad had to clear the snow for him last month and made him a figure 8 loop to walk so he could get a little exercise. For the Chinese New Year, Suet-Suet (the Cantonese Peke) wished you: Gung hay fat choy ("May you become prosperous.") Sun nien fai lok ("Happy new year")And for the Mandarin speaking Pekes'Gong Xi Fa Cai, Xin Nian Kuai Le.
I think this is the first Pekingese driver's license I've seen-- and what better Peke to have it that Suet-Suet!!
You were young here, just about 11 months old.
This is an "all angles" picture your dad sent me. You are so cute! This is four years ago.
And when you moved to your new house three years ago, you were checking out the yard and the beautiful flowers.
His dad wrote me and said: "Suet-Suet went to the clinic and the vet is quite impressed that he is still with his mom and dad and while he is thinner (due to his disease) the vet thought all in all he was doing well. His lungs are (according to the vet) perfectly clear and his heart sounds okay (given his condition). After the visit he took a short walk outside in the snow while my wife paid the bill and he rode back home and was fine, no collapse. Today, he was fine, eager to go outside and walked in and out by himself. He is quite the little trooper.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUET-SUET!!! p.s I told Suet-Suet's dad that I was doing this blog and he said, "I will make sure he sees it..we leave the netbook out for him to use at night." LOVE IT!


lady jicky said...

Moi Moi has told me to type this for the old birthday boy Suet-Suet...

"Happy Birthday you old spunk muffin you! If I lived in the US I would visit you and we could go to Yum Cha and get those ladies with the food trollies running!
Kisses from Moi Moi and my rotten brother Kenzo - who, buy the way, is NOT coming with us for Yum Cha!"

We all wish Mr Suet-Suet the best birthday ever from the gang in Australia :)

Pekiegirl said...

Love this story! Hopefully Suet-Suet will have a few more years with his wonderful family!

Tracey said...

Happy Birthday dear Suet Suet. Sounds like you have the best family ever. What a splendid birthday party they have planned for you. Sending big birthday wishes for a healthy day full of enjoyment! From all the Bowry Peke's, Shadow, Pollyanna, Macy, and Colby!

Paladin2010 said...

Suet-Suet must have read these comments first thing in the 7:15 he was barking repeatedly at full volume, we ran to see what was the matter....he was standing next to the netbook on the coffee table!!!!

He wanted to know if he could drive to Yum Cha (Dim Sum) with Moi Moi. I told him not today, he still has to learn to drive first!

He thanks you all for the kind comments and birthday wishes. He is saving up for his walk now-depending on the weather.

Karin said...

Happy Birthday and have a great walk, Suet Suet!

emilyp said...

Happy Happy Birthday Suet-Suet!!

RescuegirlinVA said...

Loved this blog. Don't all pekes have their own driver's license?
Happy Birthday Suet-Suet