Sunday, February 13, 2011


This is Zeke. He was at an animal control near me for a month. I didn't know he was there, until I got an email from a rescue friend. Jeanne and I don't have time to check all the shelters and for Pekes near us-- we are just so busy. So, as soon as I found out about him, I emailed the shelter.
He only has one eye and some vision loss in the other, but he's not that old. The shelter said they think he's around 5. He was an owner turn in because the owner had dimentia, and the family didn't take him. So, he ended up in the shelter.
He became a shelter favorite-- the staff loved his sweet personality. That's probably why he was there so long and not put down. He would play, and run around when they let him out. He loved his yard time. The staff really got attached to this little one.
So, I got him and off to the vet we went. This little guy weighs too much. Probably from being owned by someone who loved him a lot and fed him a lot. He is now on a diet!
He found the dog box-- which is a baby bathtub-- at my house. He climbed right in! Talk about hogging the toys. :-) (No pun intended on his weight!)
He stretched right out, and settled in.
Look at that cute face. You can kiss him and he doesn't mind a bit. He isn't aggressive with other dogs. He's housetrained! He's going to the ophthalmologist to see if his one eye can be made better. Jeanne and I might be raising money if cataract surgery can help him to see better. He's not old, but cataracts don't have an "age frame." This little guy is a sweetheart, so if you are interested in adopting him, just email us at .


lady jicky said...

You can see that this guy is a sweet boy Linda and here is a message from Moi Moi .....

"I hate being on a diet too Zeke - infact , I AM IN A VERY BAD MOOD!"
Moi Moi

emilyp said...

Zeke is adorable:) I love the pic of him in the toy box, lol. I hope his appointment goes great!