Saturday, February 26, 2011


Charlie the Pug came to my house this week. I pretended I was a Pekingese.
I met Scooterbug and we both really liked each other!
I have a face that looks like it had roadmaps on it-- it's part of my charm!
I put my feet on the table so I could get a closer look at that camera she keeps taking my picture with.
And then I sat down and just smiled for her! I'm a smiley kind of boy. Pugs are really sweet and friendly dogs. Just like me!
I was so happy to be at Linda's-- she had a special place for me to go the next day. That way, I could be neutered and get all my shots.
I met Starlight and HER baby. I was great around the baby.
Look at my face-- aren't I irresistable! I'm so glad I got to come here and be a Peke for a day.
And then we went in the car for my next adventure (if you can call being neutered an adventure!). I'm such a good boy. I'm so excited about my new life!


lady jicky said...

"Its Kenzo here mate and let me tell you - when they take you for "a ride" RUN!!!"

You have to love a pug! I had a pug rescue a couple of years ago and still miss her.

cby said...

Definition of a Pekingese by a Pug~ "A HIPPY PUG".

Did you find Charlie a forever home, Linda?

emilyp said...

Pugs are pretty cool!! I hope Charlie loves his new life!!

Karin said...

Charlie sure is a charming little pug!
Love the pug definition :)