Saturday, February 12, 2011


I want to thank everyone who prayed for my grandson. He saw the neuro-surgeon this week and received a "clear." :-) He still has healing to do, but only has to be followed up by his pediatrician now. THANK YOU for praying for him!!!
Look what I woke up to on Thursday! Snow! Again! We've had more snow this year in Virginia than we have had for many years. So, Melinda, in Australia, I hope this cools you off some!
And now we get into the real blog. Sleeping Pekes and other critters! This is my Scooterbug. His tongue is just too big for his mouth. So, it hangs out-- a lot. About an inch! Or more! He's so cute.
And I wouldn't want this sleeping critter in my house.
But, this one is sure cute!
Oh, this one is adorable-- but it's not a Peke.
This one is! And he's about to disappear in that dog bed.
Melinda, this is for you-- have you seen Koalas in person. I'm sure you have.
Lacy is asleep in her pink bed.... with a blanket!
And this dog doesn't fit in his bed, but she sure is comfortable!
Nick and Noelle (aka Marcellus and Mia) are ready to snooze.
This kitten is sound asleep. I'm not sure how-- or if he just slid right off and curled up on the carpet later.
This is Nick, now Marcellus, sound asleep on his couch. Send me pictures of your Pekes sleeping! Just email .


lady jicky said...

I tell you what - I feel like a "nana nap" now ! LOL
I have even held a Koala Linda and they do not let you do that lot these days - their fur is very soft but -what claws! Worse than a peke's! LOL
I am feeling cooler seeing your snow and I must try to catch my two sleeping with my camera!
Looking forward to seeing everyones puppies sleeping :)

emilyp said...

Great news about your grandson!

Sleeping Pekes are so cute:)