Monday, February 7, 2011


Remember Ruby and Bella? We really wanted to keep them together. And they are! They love their new owners. He sent us these pictures at Christmas and I forgot to put them on. But, Bella and Ruby think it is Christmas all year round.
They cuddle up to sleep-- their mom can't move, but she is okay with that.
Ruby is so pretty-- and look at those bright eyes.
Bella is content, too. She is still our "spokes-puppy." Just check out our adoptable Pekes page on our web site. Click here: - Pekes for Adoption - Potomac Valley Pekingese Club
Here's what their new owners sent to us: "Ruby and Bella are doing wonderfully, and we love them so much. Bella has learned to play with toys and has a favorite turtle that she carries around. Ruby has yet to discover toys, but loves to sit in laps for hours on end. They are both doing great and we are so thankful that we have them!" This is what we want for all our foster dogs!


lady jicky said...

Oh they are such a beautiful pekes!
Please don't worry if Ruby does not play with toys - my Moi Moi finds toys "beneath her!" LOL

So glad they got to stay together, their Mum and Dad are very special people to take them both and they look so healthy and happy!

emilyp said...

Those are some adorable pictures!! I love seeing happy stories like that!

Karin said...

How wonderful is that!!?? They look so happy! Great pictures!