Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Bella and Simon came into rescue in August.  
They were litter mates, six years old and they needed some help.   Bella's left eye was huge and had to be removed.
 It was so swollen, and it had to hurt.  I tried eye drops and she flinched.  My vet put her on the schedule quickly to remove it.
 Simon was already missing an eye.  They are now missing opposite eyes (so when they look at each other, they can see "eye to eye").    We have to have a sense of humor in rescue.
 Bella is a tiny one, at only 9.4 pounds, but she is fast.
 Simon is just mellow and loves his people.  He is also dependent on his sister, Bella, so they needed to be adopted together.
 There are always together-- playing and chasing each other.
 I had a previous adopter and I knew she was a great owner.   So, we went to visit.
 Of course, we took their blankets.
 Bella rode like a baby in my lap.
 It is Jasper's permanent foster home, so he was there to greet us.
 Bella and Simon explored the yard.
 "Who are they?" said Jasper.
 Jan took to them immediately-- of course!  They are so loving.
 Simon looked at her as if to say, "Are you my new mom?"
 Jasper kept barking at them-- why were they in his house?
 Bella began to wander around to check out her new home.
 Simon took advantage of a new lap.
 "Do you want to share my toy?"   He didn't really say that! haha
 Simon and Bella got on the couch-- they were allowed of course.  (They also sleep on the bed there just like they did at our home-- they love it.)
 Bella climbed on the arm of the sofa.
 And found a nice spot on the top.  She loved being up there.  
 I took a bed they were familiar with, and of course, the blankets Jackie made went with them to their new home.
 Simon curled up on it, it was familiar.  (I always worry about them the first week, so familiar things are so important to leave with them.)
 Trio was adopted from us and is now their "cousin."  She loved Simon!
 They are doing great in their new home.  I took them last week and wanted to make sure it was a good fit for the other dogs there-- and it was!
I think they feel right at home!

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LadyJicky said...

OMG ...... I love that last photo of Simon sitting on the lamp table .... oh bad boy! LOL