Wednesday, October 18, 2017


 As you saw in the last blog, Simon feels right at home-- and Bella has made herself comfortable on the couch.
 They snuggle on the couch with their mom or just hang out and watch the other dogs.
 They explored the yard, and met their new siblings.
 Simon rested his paw on the table.  He usually paws at his person to get attention-- it's so cute.
They loved sleeping on the bed here and they have continued that in their new home.
 I should have sent this shirt with her-- I forgot!   But, she sure does love her new mom!
 And now here at my house, it's quiet.   My dogs are all 12 and up, several have hearing loss, and they sleep a lot.   Chumley and Floyd picked out two beds they like.
 Max is on Starlight's pink blanket.
 Kai Kai tilts his head as I talk to him.   He has lost some of his hearing, but I speak a little louder to him.  He is my heart.   So, I carry him in and out, click the water bowl with my ring to help him find it, put him on the bed to sleep next to me. 
 Starlight is our princess, and she still loves the baby seat-- no babies here, so the dogs have taken it over.    Yes, it's quiet here with Benny/Benjamin and Mattie adopted.  With Bella and Simon in their new home.  But, it's okay.   We are taking a little foster break after having so many for so long.  But, IT SURE IS QUIET!!      Here's Bella and Simon, playing at their new home:    


LadyJicky said...

Silence is Golden Linda! LOL

Please give Kai Kai a little rub under the chin for me :)

Lost Earring said...

The photo of Simon on the lamp table is priceless. Years ago I had a little girl Peke who loved high places including the kitchen counter where the bar stools were located. She could and would jump up onto a bar stool then up on the counter to rest. I had to remove the bar stools to keep her down while I was at work.