Monday, October 16, 2017


 Chewy was turned into a Maryland shelter by his owner. 
 Rita, Benny/Benjamin and Mattie's mom, picked him up for us.  THANK YOU!
 Chewy is ten years old.  He spent his whole life with his family, but they said he was not good with their kids.
 Chewy came to spend the night with Ida, on his way to Richmond.
 He explored the deck and the yard.
 He is a small boy, about 12 pounds, but he could gain a little bit.   He still won't be a big one.  Like many we get, his coat needs good bathing,  and nutritious food.
 He was timid at first, but warmed up quickly.
 He is in his foster home in Richmond.  He's in pretty good shape, just needed cleaning up and he will have a dental.
 Are you showing us your teeth?
 He took treats from Ida. 
 And then he gave a big smile.
 He is small, and he wants to protect his home.  He will bond quickly to a new owner, but then he wants to guard her.   Once he knows someone, he is very loving.
 He just wants to keep things safe.
He will be a wonderful addition to a new home.   Welcome to rescue, Chewy!


LadyJicky said...

Oh that Chewy is a fabulous boy........ so glad you have him and I am doing my Adoption Dance right now for Chewy!!!!

Lost Earring said...

It took a decade to realize Chewy "was not good with the kids"? I've heard it all now.