Saturday, October 21, 2017


 We received an email asking for help.
 Poof was found as a stray months ago and they kept her, after having no luck finding her owner.
 I picked her up-- they were not far from me so I could get right there.
 I called the vet to let them know I was coming and one of my favorite vets was the "walk in" vet.
 Dr. Meador of Acredale Animal Hospital (Virginia Beach) checked her out.  We did bloodwork, urinalysis, and general check up.  We also did xrays since she walked funny.   We found out she has an old fracture in her pelvis and another old double fracture in her hip.  That one was not repaired, so the xrays have been sent to a specialist to see if there is anything we can do for her.   She seems to have adapted to the break, but if we can fix her leg, we will.
 Her skin was very itchy and scabby, so I left her while they did a special bath, and gave her an allergy shot.  She had a pedicure, too! 
 And then off to my house.  I'll keep her while we determine her health and then hopefully, move her to another foster home.  I'm trying to take a break after over 14 years of almost non-stop fostering.
 My gang was very excited when I walked in with her.  Max wanted to meet her.
 Where are you going?  I want to be your friend. :-)  Chumley was very interested.
 Kai Kai knows someone knew is here.  He can smell her.
 Poof found the water bowl....
 and then climbed onto Kai Kai's bed. 
 She is on eye drops, and had an antibiotic shot and an "ear pack" so I don't have to give ear meds twice a day.   This will last a week and then she can be rechecked.
She found Starlight's special blanket and made herself comfortable.   We will be taking donations to help with her care and I will let you know how she does.   Welcome to rescue, sweet Poof!


LadyJicky said...

Poor little Poof....... she must be so sore .

Unknown said...

She's adorable, and I'm so glad she's in your loving care now!