Tuesday, October 24, 2017


 Poof has settled right into my home.   The first day she was here, she fussed at the other dogs, but now everyone is doing great.   She loves attention.
 I found a new harness and leash for her.  So many have been donating great leashes, harnesses and collars.  Every dog we get has to have all three, so we love the ones we've received.  Thanks, Mary, Rita and Toni! 
 Benjamin/Benny and Mattie came by on Sunday, so Poof met Mattie.  Aren't they cute!
 Because of her itchy skin, I put Poof on an allergy diet for awhile just to give her a good start.  She is doing great on it and loves it. 
 She is joining the whole group more and just likes to hang out.   We received the report back from the specialist.   Her hip double fracture is old and there is nothing that we can do now to repair it.  But, she took off down the hall yesterday and that leg wasn't slowing her down.  She is an amazing little girl, and we don't think it is causing her pain.   Her bloodwork and lab results were all great! 
Look at those teeth! haha  We think she is between 5 and 7 years old.  She has very little gray on her.   She weighs 14 pounds, but I don't know where she is hiding it.  She doesn't look that big.  She is also house trained!  Wow!  (I don't usually get those!)   We will set up her dental and spay and then she will be ready for adoption.  If you are interested, just fill out an application at: 

Potomac Valley Pekingese Club - Online Application adopt
P.S.  She loves belly rubs.   Her "bad" leg doesn't get in the way of that! 


LadyJicky said...

Its so great to read that tiny Poof , although many health issues , is coping so well with them all.
I am pretty sure she will be adopted real soon...... in fact , I will do a slow Adoption Dance for her right now!!!

*Why you do not see any grey hairs on her is the fact that Poof dyes them!!! LOL

Unknown said...
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