Wednesday, July 13, 2016


 Piggy (name this because he loved to eat) was picked up from the shelter by my friend, Barbara.   He was a senior, but he was still full of life  
 Lara was his human "sister"-- she was very attached to this sweet boy and they had many adventures together.   Even though he was with them less than two years, they were wonderful years.
 Lara said Piggy was her "lazy Sunday dog."   They enjoyed just taking the day off, to hang out together.   Sometimes, they went to the arboretum and sat under the trees near the flowers.  He loved having little snacks, especially doggy ice cream.
 He was beautiful posing by some Christmas lights his first Christmas with his family.
 He was a relaxed boy, and he looks like he was ready for a tummy rub.
 He didn't have much sight, but he did fine.   His mom called him her "zen dog" because he lived in the moment.  
Piggy loved visiting the farm and this little mini-pony.  They gave each other nose kisses and enjoyed visiting.  Lara took him to visit one last time before he went to the Rainbow Bridge.   Life was no longer easy for him and making the decision that it was time was a very difficult one for his family.   Piggy will be missed so much.  He was a happy, wonderful boy.  Run free now, sweet one.


LadyJicky said...

Lara ... I am so sorry for your loss of sweet Piggy .. what a beautiful little man he was .

Kathleen Dawson The Paint Box Studio said...

Dearest Piggy
Your mom Lara loved you very much and I can see how much you enjoyed life with Lara. I can see how much you enjoyed your retirement years with Lara. I know you will help us look out for other Pekes here on earth.I know you will as this is what Pekes do. Pekes have special powers to make humans happy. Rest easy sweetheart You are loved and you will be remembered in a painting, a painting that will help to care for other Pekes.Rest peacefully Piggy. You are loved deeply.

nana said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you. May his precious little spirit live on forever in your heart, with the full assurance of that happy reunion day!