Thursday, July 14, 2016


 Kai Kai was under the dog bed-- how did he do this??
 Are you trying to hide sweet boy?   I can see you.
 Someone is in here now.    Who is it?
 I took the trashcan out and didn't realize Floyd had climbed in when the door shut. Sorry, there are no tidbits in there.
 Poor guy-- no snacks!  Don't worry-- he's never hungry here, even when he thinks meals should come earlier.
Callie tried to hide, too.   She stayed here while my daughter was in England.   Dogs don't seem to realize we can see them even when they think they're invisible!


LadyJicky said...

Oh so cute .... hiding doggies.

Kathleen Dawson The Paint Box Studio said...

My Pekes like to be covered.The love to sleep on the lower shelves of book cases given there is room to do so. I have always imagined building them an elaborate bed,something like their ancestors had in the Imperial Palace. Mine have adapted to life on the farm. They are so adaptable but then we worship them don't we so everything is ok in the world and if it is not ok then we make it so.