Tuesday, July 26, 2016


(If anyone sees a photo they like of their Peke better than what they already bought at the picnic, we would be happy to send them one for a donation to PVPC.   This only applies to picnic pictures taken at Desi's Photo Booth.)
Roger and Lucinda)
Marco Polo/Marco is a beautiful boy.   He came into rescue in 2009.  
He was in horrific shape with collar embedded in his neck.   He had to be sedated for it to be removed.  He was fairly young and went right to an adoptive home that wanted to cherish him the rest of his life.
He was a perfect angel when he joined his family and he has continued to shower them with love.   
He was another abused, "second hand dog" who made a first class pet!!   I love rescue!   

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LadyJicky said...

Oh boy .... this is what you are so good at!
I am so glad you all does this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bravo - once again !!!!!!!!!!!!