Monday, July 25, 2016


Monk (love his underbite!) came into rescue with Nippy (the red one), his litter mate.   They were three years old when we got them in 2011.   It's hard to remember that it's been five years!!  
Nippy, Polly, and Monk posed for pictures.   Polly came into rescue in 2013.
Nippy wore a jaunty hat.   They all look so great!   The boys were eating Beneful when they came into rescue.   (Don't get me started on how bad that food is!   All those "wonderful colors" are artificial and they is really nothing good I can say about this food except they have a great selling campaign.)  
Monk and Nippy are 8 years old now-- and their foster mom adopted them both.   She fostered another that was adopted and then Miss Polly came to her as a foster.
It was LOVE!  So, she stayed, too.
They all had a post-bath picture.   Yes, I recognize this wet look.   In the summer, sometimes, they can air dry a bit before brushing.   It tires them out-- and their mom!
So, they all took a nap!    It's Pekingese bunk beds!    I bet Georgia had a nap, too!  

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LadyJicky said...

Yes .... bathing dogs is exhausting ... especially if you have to blow dry them too.
Summer is the best time to air dry!!!!
The three are so cute :)