Thursday, February 13, 2014


 Harley Marie (formerly Bubbles) has just had a spa day.   Her  mom thought she deserved one and she had her nails painted, too!!    Harley also goes to doggy day care and has so much fun when her mom is at work.   She adores other dogs and has a great time with her friends.  Here she is in her chariot that her mom picked her  up in from her spa appointment.
 This picture should be framed!  I just love it!   You can see her pretty toe nails here.  And I love the bow!
 Harley sent me this in an email,  "Mommy wanted me to look and smell extra special. I got my nails painted and my tail highlighted in a wonder light purple color. I wanted something more bold in color, but mommy said maybe next time. I feel like a princess!"
I told her Mommy that Elwood looks like Harley in reverse-- and he's just as nice.  If you are looking for a wonderful, housetrained boy, one who loves other dogs and loves going outside to check out the yard-- just send me an email.   I want him to have a home as wonderful as the one Harley Marie has (well, maybe no purple highlights for him, he is a boy, after all!).

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lady jicky said...

Oh no ..... If Moi Moi and Coco see those painted nails and dyed tail ..... they will want them too!!!!