Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Lulu is an 6 year old Peke.  (She will be 7 in May.)   Her owner lost his job and is about to lose his home.
He couldn't take care of Lulu Bea anymore.
As our rep took her, the owner sobbed.  This is a  heartbreaking part of rescue.   But, he loved her so much, he wanted her cared for.
Lulu Bea was very upset, but she is doing better.   She is used to other dogs, so they don't bother her a bit.
She was very outgoing at her home, so we know that will come back.
In the meantime, she will receive vet care, good food and she will go on a diet. :-)
She needs to lose a FEW pounds. :-)
 Here she is with Fletch and Kai Kai.  They were just all sitting together in the yard.
 Here she is-- she just went to the vet, got her vaccines and bloodwork done (heartworm negative--yippee!).
 She was also groomed and has fancy bows and a bandana.
 This photo is so cute of her!  
 She is getting used to being here-- but she'll be going to another foster home in a few days.
 I know she'll be fine.  She is already doing so much better.

She will be with me a few days for vetting and then go to her foster home.   If you are interested in a sweet one, just let us know.   She is housetrained, and very sweet.

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lady jicky said...

Oh Linda ----- get that there girl a passport!!! OMG I would love her!!!

I am just so very sad reading how she came to rescue ---- I wish all the best for her owner who had to give Lulu in.
What a brave act!
I wish him all the best and may life turn around for him very soon.