Saturday, February 1, 2014


 I love the snow pictures I've been getting.   Here's Alastor-- he is blind now, but still can enjoy life and play in the snow.
 Bennett loves the snow!!    I wonder if his buddy, Candle, was out there, too.
 Buddy isn't a Peke, but I had to share his picture.   He's got his humans shoveling the walk for him!   Hey, Buddy, what is YOUR job?  Supervising?  Oh, that's right!
 Chloe was all dressed up to go out in the snow.    
 You are just so cute!!
 I had to share Clark's picture again, even though I just had it on a few days ago-- look at him go!  Clark is available for adoption.
 I loved my Cranberry-- this was taken last January when we had a lot of snow.  She just loved the snow!   It rejuvenated her.
This is Sugar-- she lives in S.E. Virginia-- where we don't get much snow.   I guess Virginia forgot that because we got 7-10 inches of it!  It's beautiful, so I'm enjoying it.    I think the Pekes are ready for it to go away though. :-)

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lady jicky said...

Oh Linda ---- bring that snow down to me!!!!

We are having another heat wave- tomorrow 105f and its darn hot today too.
My girls are inside with the air con. blowing their short (but growing back ) fur !!