Tuesday, January 7, 2020


Tribble came to us last fall after being put in a shelter.  He was transferred to another shelter and they contacted us. 
Tribble, who is being fostered in Staunton, VA, is 10-11 years old. He has an incredibly sweet nature and is very affectionate. Tribble has pronounced arthritis and dysplasia in his back left hip.
His veterinarian stated that he most likely ruptured a disc early in his life which was never addressed medically.   Tribble has learned to compensate by using the right side of his body. 
He is full of zest and enthusiasm and his condition doesn’t affect his positive nature. He can gallop when excited and walks easily.  He is a wonderful example of the resilient spirit of a Peke!  He also has the most adorable Peke snore!
He can usually manage the short step onto the stoop and the one step from there into the yard but he often have to help by picking up his back end...more so now in the cold weather.   He will need arthritis supplements the rest of his life.   
  He is housetrained and loves belly rubs.  He is wonderful with other dogs.   He enjoys belly rubs and wandering in the yard.   Tribble needs a slow paced home, where he can just live life at his own pace.  
 Tribble is a happy boy!
If you are interested in more information or in adopting Tribble, please fill out an application to adopt. http://www.potomacpekes.org/onlineapplicationadopt.htm. We accept applications from Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia, and areas close by. 

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LadyJicky said...

I just love Tribble and wish I could have him but its a long, long flight for a little guy.

So...... we need Mr Tribble to get a Wonderful home for ever.... I am doing my Adoption Dance for him right now Linda !!!