Friday, January 3, 2020


Hannah was the puppy I got in the fall.  She was only four months old. Her prospective parents came to visit her at my house and they met Snuffy, too.  They couldn't decide which one to adopt--
SO, they adopted them both.  I love it!   Sunny, their Peke, had instant siblings.
They hang out together and Sunny came out of his shell after losing his doggy friend.
Hannah went to see Santa.  "Who is this guy?"
They all posed as reindeer.
There is an incredible Christmas village set up at their home. 
I wish I was close enough to see it!
I enjoyed every picture they posted though.  Amazing!
Hannah still loves to be cuddled.  She's still a baby.
They all have snuggly sweaters now to keep them warm.
Pekes are small and can't retain a lot of body heat when it's really cold outside.
Some have thick undercoats, but many don't. 
Snuffy is so happy in his new home. 
Hannah is the only girl-- does she rule??
I doubt it-- she was just a sweet young female puppy--
They all had a wonderful Christmas together.
They even pretended THEY were presents.
They guard their property together.   
Life is so good for Hannah and Snuffy.  And Sunny loves them both.  

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LadyJicky said...

How wonderful ..... a TRIPLE TREAT!!!!