Monday, January 20, 2020


 Granger is such a help.  A box arrives and he empties it out right away—and then he climbs in.
 A big box arrived.  JOY!
 To keep him busy while my son in law put a new bed together, they opened it up so Granger could inspect it. He was so willing to do that.
Now he’s holding everything in place for his dad.  Pekes are such great helpers!!


Scott Hammonds said...

What a stinker! Sort of look like my girl!

Lost Earring said...

A big smile for me this morning, courtesy of Granger and his willingness to pitch in and help out.

Our gang is a nosy bunch and they feel it's their duty to examine each shopping bag that comes into our house as well as boxes, they are even willing to check to make sure everything arrived that we order.

They are especially interested in boxes from, they are such a dedicated bunch.

Love the Monday morning smiles.

LadyJicky said...

Peke's are just great helpers..... Yum Yum , like Granger is supervising my husband with the ceiling in the lounge that needs to be fixed .... but he does get bored and goes to sleep!