Monday, January 13, 2020


We received a message that this little man needed help.

He was in a very small rural shelter. The shelter only has 8 kennel areas. They do what they can, but it’s super small.
There was a volunteer at the shelter and she wanted to help him.  So, she  contacted rescues and we were the closest.  Of course, we said YES!  
 Susan, my friend, met to get him.  Volunteers and friends of rescue are so important.  We have a rescue board, but we are in different places in Virginia.  Helpers are critical.
 Susan helped w transport and got him to one of our vets.   We have a list of things we do for every incoming foster dog. We do a full bloodwork w a urinalysis, a tick panel, eyes and ears evaluated, an general overall checks.  Oliver had his skin checked.  He received a cytopoint shot which helps a lot with skin issues.
Sir Oliver will have all the care we can give him and be in a foster home in Virginia.  He is 13 pounds and very sweet.  There will be more updates on these sweet man


LadyJicky said...

Oh Linda... what a sweet boy Sir Oliver is!
I see he has some skin issues on top of his head .... I am sure you will fix that and he would be a lovely pet for someone older who just wants a mate to sit by them .

I am doing my Adoption Dance for Sir Oliver right now - even if its very hot here - I am dancing up a storm.... well - I hope I do so the bush fires will go out!!

Two birds with one Dancing stone Linda :)

Lost Earring said...

I love this little one who made it to rescue. He's cute as a button and I love his name....Sir Oliver. It will be great to see him thrive from his pickup and adopted.

Nicky said...

WOO HOO! Oliver!!! We are hanging on every word. :)

JessicaE said...

Thank you for going above & beyond for Oliver.Please keep us updated if at all possible.