Monday, February 17, 2020


Reggie turns 10 months old today.   He's just a puppy.
He met his new mom this week-end. He loved his new bed-- he took a flying leap into it.  So funny.
She had adopted another Peke from us (Ally) who had passed away.  She was ready for another.
She had a lot of gifts for him when he arrived. 
Reggie's markings are stunning.  A perfect line down his forehead and around his eye.
He explored the new toys.
Clara went with me, and just watched-- what was happening?  She was glad when I picked her up as we left. LOL
Reggie was not sure what was going on-- we know they have adjustment time, and we assured him that he would be so loved.
He will have new cat friends.
He is very interested in them and we hope he will be nice. :-)
You will, right??
Welcome to your new home, beautiful boy!! 


LadyJicky said...

I am so happy for Reggie!!!

Now .... play "nice" with the cats!

Lost Earring said...

Reggie is stunning and there was no doubt that he would be adopted quickly. I look forward to seeing his story in pictures.