Thursday, February 27, 2020


Elwood came into rescue in January of 2014.  
 When I looked at my files, I couldn’t believe it was that long ago.  Six years!
He was 12 pounds and the shelter said he was 8 years old-- when I got him, I knew there was NO WAY he was that age!  He was YOUNG.
My husband wanted to name him Elwood.   Okay.   I thought his adopter might change that-- it's not your ordinary name.    Nope!   They loved it and he is still Elwood. ❤️
Elwood had a best friend when he arrived -- Moe was there already and they immediately began to play!   Then, Lizzie joined them.  She is a little one.
Lizzie brought zippity doo-dah to the house.  She is full of energy.  She and Moe enjoy pausing to look out the window.
Elwood was, "whatever."
Lizzie thinks she's a cat-- up on everything.
Elwood is happy he has two great friends.
They can all roll around and chase and have fun.
Naps are critical because of all the energy they expend.
Elwood found the perfect home in 2014.  He has come a long way since the day he was rescued! 

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LadyJicky said...

What a beauty Elwood is and what a happy home he has!!!