Friday, February 14, 2020


 Dunny was a sweet 7 year old Peke who lived with his mom and doggy siblings on the west coast.
 Dunny and his brother Ernie had been loved their whole lives.   Their daddy died and then Sarah got them both last September.
 They were so sweet together.  Ernie is the outgoing one. 
 Dunny was laid back.  Yes he was.
 Ernie uses this ball as his pacifier.  It's always with him. 
 They were all part of a wonderful family!  Many of you on facebook know them. 
 How much love can get on one bed??  A lot!
Dunny died in his sleep last week-- it was so sad.  His brother and family miss him so much.  Sarah, his mom, was devastated.   We hold her in our hearts.  Run free now, little man.  ❤️


LadyJicky said...

What a beautiful and very, very cute Peke little Dunny was!!

So sad for his family as he will be so missed so much.

Lost Earring said...

We mourn with our friends when a Fur baby crosses the bridge and that's because we know the terrible pain that comes with each loss.

Run free Dunny and send memory kisses back to Momma to heal her heart.