Friday, February 7, 2020


 Clara came to me in December.   She is a small 8.5 pound senior.
 She needed medical care and a major dental.
 She has always had shaking episodes but we thought it was because she was cold.
 Two days ago, she began struggling.
 Her head began tilting to the right.
 Later, she was stumbling as she tried to walk.
 She stopped eating and drinking.
 I am getting her fluids at the vet—and of course, I’m in touch with her vet. She is showing signs of neurological issues. (Brain).  Her ears are fine.  Some have asked if it’s Vestibular Disease.  She has signs of that, but also other things that are not part of Vestibular.
We go back to the vet today.   We are constantly monitoring her.  Say a prayer for my little girl.   💖


Lost Earring said...

Haven't stopped praying and worrying since the first day she started going downhill.

It's so much burden for a little tiny senior who came into rescue needing so much medical help.

I love that she enjoys all of the love her little heart wants and her many fashionable outfits.

Prayers and more prayers for healing.

Anna Saar said...

Sending love and prayers to sweet Clara.❤️

LadyJicky said...

What a sweet girl .... I am doing a little prayer for her and I hope the Vet finds out what is going on. XX

Debi said...

Praying sweetest Clara ❤����❤