Sunday, February 23, 2020


Teddy Bear just arrived into rescue yesterday. 
His owner died, and someone else had him a week, and then turned him into the shelter.   He must be very confused and we are going to do all we can to help him.   He has some masses on his back and his ears are a mess.   But, he's safe now.  He will see the vet quickly to begin his new life. 
Teddy Bear is 11 years old and seems to be very sweet.   Welcome to your new life, little one! 


LadyJicky said...

Oh he is so cute.... just like a Teddy Bear!!

So glad you got him as I know he will be helped so much now!!!

LadyJicky said...

Oh ..... forgot ...... Happy Sunday Mr T Bear !!!

Lost Earring said...

I'm so happy Teddy Bear made his way to Potomac. He probably is very confused and puzzled about what has happened to him but that will fade as he gets medical help, love and comfort in a good foster home and on to someone who will care for him again.

zapper said...

It seems to me a lot of Peke's wind up in shelters because their owners died. Maybe, you should write a blog concerning how a pet owner needs to setup a process in case something happens to them. My heart breaks for all the peke's that could be in shelters because this doesn't get taken care of.