Tuesday, February 18, 2020


I've fostered a lot of blind dogs.  Happy and Stewart (my foster) are two sweet boys.
Happy was adopted last year and his girl adores him.  He can't see and needs eye drops, but he is easy to care for.
He supervises projects with his expert advice.
Stewart curls up in front of the fireplace while they work. 
He "tagged" one of the members of the family.  Their teen-age son is Stewart's boy.  He sleeps with him every night.
Happy and Kota are both seniors, but they are just fine with all the dogs around them. 
Stewart is loved by all, but here's his boy.   Stewart lost his eyes when he was about a year old, but he does great.
Little Bit is in foster care now.   He is blind, too.  Does it get in his way?  Nope!
He knows when his foster dad is close by-- and he wants to get on his lap.
If his lap isn't available, a soft bed will do.
We checked to see if we could do anything to restore his vision, but we couldn't.  It's okay.  Little Bit is a happy boy.
Blind dogs use their other senses more.  Their hearing becomes very important.  If that is a little compromised, their smell really kicks in.  Blind dogs are amazing!   I have one of my own now and he owns my heart (Kai Kai).   Don't hesitate to adopt a blind dog.  They are wonderful!  Little Bit is available for adoption.  Just go to: Potomac Valley Pekingese Club - Online Application adopt  to fill out an application. 


LadyJicky said...

You can just see in the photos how much love they give and they get!!

Blind dogs are fabulous too !!!!!

Lost Earring said...

My rescue girl has only one eye but it is amazing to see these little Pekes who are totally blind making their way in life. I've been a fan of KaiKai for a long time and now watching other blind Pekes "snoopervising" and finding a lap to sleep on is heart-warming.